Friday, May 14, 2010

Jordan and his Beady band-mate

Beady 1
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The latest fun thing in our kids' lives is that Jordan has started a band, Beady, and Sarah is playing with them often. Here are some lyrics from Jordan's songs...

Arianna, my angel. Arianna, please
Sometimes I think it's your warmth that brings colors to the leaves
Sometimes I think that only your eyes can always see the truth
The sky must be flattered when you are feeling blue...

If I could collect every laugh you've ever made and write them all down
I would compile it all in a book and read it to you out loud
Whenever your skies were gray and whenever your night was dark
Whenever you needed some tape for the pieces of your heart
Cus I don't where I'll go and I don't know what I'll do
But I know when I stand next to you the flowers start to bloom...

You are the April showers falling down on my head
You are the soil beneath my roots made up of all the dead
you are my sunshine and you are my clouds
I promise to stand with you until they cut me down

From "April Showers," by Jordan Trabue

I promise to be as gentle as the branches of the mountain pass
and the centuries in the ground from the flowing streams
I promise to be as strong as the ancient mineral rocks
resting, buried just beneath our feet...

Living like a work of art, stacked just like a deck of cards
seconds before they are all knocked down
I'll head back home again, grab some paper and my pen
and try to get some sad thoughts out.

From an unnamed song that Jordan wrote about our Appalachian mountains


John said...

Has Jordan recorded an album?

Dan Trabue said...

they've recorded a rough draft CD with about five songs on it, but they're working on a better CD, hopefully this summer. Thanks for asking, I'll be sure to announce it whenever it happens...