Wednesday, May 19, 2010

East Coast Trabues

East Coast Trabues
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This photo was taken in 1996, the year that our Sarah was born and the year my grandmother Hazel passed away. Hazel was perhaps my favorite grandparent, although she was probably the most... difficult one to live with. I understand (now, as an adult) that she could be a little bit of a complainer and whiner, but mostly, to me as a child and a teenager, she was just the funny lady who made me brown sugar toasts and Pepsi floats, the one who did crossword puzzles with me.

Sarah never got to know her, of course, but Jordan spent some time with her and got to know his "Great Great" as he called his great grandmother. I think for him, as with me when I was younger, she was just that sweet older great grandparent who liked to see him smile.

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