Sunday, October 23, 2016

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Change is Life

There is,
in the Autumn of the year, a sense that I have
that is both true and false.
It is the sense that
time is winding down
that things are ending
and time
and flowers
and leaves
are fading and going away...

...and it somehow
extends beyond the natural world
to friendships
and family
(as if they weren't part of the natural world!)
this sense that time is slipping away
and I'm
powerless to stop it.
It is, of course, true.
But that truth is conditional and temporal.
Things are winding down
some things are ending
and that day is coming soon.
But other things are just starting.
Seeds are being blown on the wind
and buried
and going into hibernation
to spring up again
one day and that day, too,
is coming soon.
New ideas are germinating
new friendships are resting
waiting to blossom
Old friendships will be reinvented
and reimagined
Our own Selves are being
and reminagined
and that change is all Good
or can be.
Change is life.