Monday, October 29, 2018

Into a Wild Night Wood

She rolled into a wild night wood
fearing nothing
knowing there was nothing to fear

Friday, October 5, 2018

"A Very Scary Time for Men!"

The days had darkened
warnings were hearkened
and terrors lurked not so faint
Horrors haunted
and dangers vaunted
and evil spirits did haint

an accursed and eldritch madness
had removed the men's gladness
what hope they had was dimmin'
For a fear had fallen
false charges would come callin'
Oh, to be safe, like all those fair women!

Be the Light

In the midst of a dark night
count the stars and rely upon them
call upon the moon and her
certain return
hold hands
stand tall
walk carefully
but surely.

The Ground is beneath you.
Count on it.

Don't be afraid.
be afraid
and trust your friends,
that you have each other

In the midst of a dark night
let your eyes adjust
and listen

In the midst of a dark night
Be the Light
Even if you have to bring the sun