Friday, May 28, 2010

Beady May 27

Beady May 27
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Our children (Jordan, turning 19 in a few days, and Sarah, 14) have been friends with two other kids, also 19 and 14, for over 14 years now. Our good friends Robert and Cindy have been raising their children right alongside us for all of the younger siblings' lives.

Last fall, Jordan and Dylan - the two older kids - began playing music together and they gelled into a group known as Beady about the end of last year. They've added the two younger sibs over the last couple of months to most of their songs.

I can't tell you how cool it is to have kids playing music that you personally enjoy as much as we enjoy their music. Of course, if they were playing rock or rap or maybe even opera, we'd still enjoy it as best we could and we'd still be proud of them, but they happen to be playing and writing the sort of music that we just naturally love and that has been such a thrill.

Last night, they had their biggest concert so far, playing before some bigger "names" - Paul Baribeau and Andrew Jackson Jihad. Paul Baribeau actually makes an appearance on the Juno soundtrack, so that was pretty fun for them to play last night with these other groups.

They have been pretty prolific with their song-writing. Below, you can find a link to three of their latest songs being worked on. It's a rough recording that is a little hard to see and hear, but it gives you an idea.

We could ask for no greater anniversary gift than to have our kids doing just what they're doing.