Thursday, November 7, 2013

Swirl: A Testimony

Autumn_05 by paynehollow
Autumn_05, a photo by paynehollow on Flickr.

I was captured today
in a gentle storm of suicidal leaves
falling, showering, drizzling
around and upon and throughout me

Enveloping me like grace
like love
like dirt,
like sky
like a great symphony
swelling, flowing, growing
in deep crimson harmony

and with each spin
each rotation of autumnal bliss
I was delivered,
washed clean
baptised with a hickory kiss

spun gold salvation in a
sweet soaring swirl
landing on my head
on my shoulder and legs,
It made me twist, it made me twirl

right along with that
riotous laugh of leaves
and I danced holy ghost joy
on the sidewalk and all down the
wide-eyed street

"Glory Hallelujah!"
I raised my voice on high
I raised my hands
I raised my song
I raised my Self to fly

I was captured, today,
brainwashed and then set free
free to let go and live and leap
and die like those
soaring, spinning, gracious, grinning


and Amen

Monday, November 4, 2013

The temple, ever changing

Autumn_03 by paynehollow
Autumn_03, a photo by paynehollow on Flickr.

In the monotony of clocks
and bells always clanging

We can worship each day
in the temple, ever changing