Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Old Mississippi

Okay, one more, but only because I forgot to plug their myspace page...

Old Mississippi
by Dylan Weber Owens

When you go all the way down to Mississippi
think of me seldomly, let your mind roam free

Set your sails eastward bound
All the way down the Ohio
See all the trees' falling leaves
forget about you and me...

...When I wake up on the rocks
of that Virginia creek bed
You'll remain just the same
But I think I'll change instead

You'll remain just the same
And that's my one regret.

Aren't these guys great? That's just a sampling of the great music we all got to hear this last weekend, when they put on a concert and also performed for the church coffee house!

Check 'em out at...

And be sure to check out their bios and the band's history! It's a hoot.


John said...

That was quite good!

Dan Trabue said...

It's a catchy little tune, I think. Very classic sounding, as if it could have been written 100 years ago.

That one is by my son's band partner, Dylan - my pastor's eldest.

Actually, you could say my family ended up at our church, Jeff St because of Dylan. We met our pastor when she and my wife got together when they were pregnant with our firstborn boys.

Jordan and Dylan have known each other and played with each for practically their whole lives. That they're playing this sweet music together now is just a blessing beyond words to all the parents involved.