Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy New Year

Winter Flowers 2
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When, in the midst of a dying season,
Brown, cracked leaves falling, rustling along
The cold hard ground,
We find warm comfort in the sweet honey smell of
Life, graciously giving way to the next season,
We give thanks.

When, in the midst of an uncivil war,
Brother against sister against father against aunt,
We find communion around a holiday table,
Overwhelmed with laughter and fond memories
Of shared life,
We give thanks.

When, as the year winds down,
Life giving way to winter,
Pleasant breezes to chill winds,
We find hope in the promise that life will
Rise again in three short months,
We give thanks.

For comfort, communion and hope,
Lord, we are thankful.

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Marshall Art said...


I just want to take this opportunity to make one thing clear to you in the sight of all your readers. Despite the fact that I find your beliefs to be twisted, distorted and based on something other than reality, and despite the fact that I think you are more willing to engage in tactics not wholly honest rather than truly rethink your positions, I continue to give you credit and kudos for your willingness to continually engage in debate, such as it has become.

I recently thought it a good idea to take time to visit a lib blog or two, as you have seen by a few recent comments here. Turns out that not all wish to engage in civil discourse anymore. Alan certainly doesn't. Now it seems Geoffrey has also chosen the way of the coward. I find it very sad. Blogs give one the opportunity to be a rhetorical tough guy and stand up for what one believes in the face of sometimes overwhelming opposition. You seem to understand this in your own way and I appreciate and applaud that.

I've never banned anyone from my blog. I've welcomed anyone, even Feodor, who is a complete horse's patoot, if they want to partake in lively discussion. I've welcomed heat and scorn rather than see it leveled against my visitors (which is different than someone saying "You're a complete asshole and here's why". An explanation justifies some name calling in my opinion.).

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say here. It'll be sad to find the same at other blogs once I decide to check them out.