Thursday, August 25, 2005

A house o' straw

strawbale nunnery: lakeside
Originally uploaded by paynehollow.

Strawbale homes are environmentally sound, super energy-efficient and can be built by regular folk. Worth checking in to.


the dharma bum said...

neat. but what about the big bad wolf?

Dan Trabue said...

You ever try to blow over a straw bale?

olympiada said...

Hi Dan - Thanks for posting this. I doubt I will ever build my self a house as a single mother - but it is good to be reminded of sustainable architecture.

Laura said...

We built a strawbale extension onto our mobile home and used it as a bedroom. Very quiet and solid-feeling, except that we didn't have the mobile home supported very well so the join widened into a windy gap. But it was great fun to build, like putting Lego together. The hope now is to sell the mobile home and extend the strawbale porch to make a little cottage.