Wednesday, March 25, 2015

More Than One Way...

Frustration wanted to do a favor
For his cranky neighbor...
He wanted to fix his fence

“The fence is so very long and in such

He thought

“And my neighbor did such a tremendously
flawed job
in building it to begin with”

He thought
“I’ll just help him out”
He thought

“and repair it for him...
as a kindness.”

But when Frustration went to fix the fence
Cranky chased him away
With a broom and a boot.
On the other side
Of the cranky neighbor
Grace had no intention of
Fixing the fence

Even though it was in such
Instead, she planted strawberries all along
The fenceline
And in the summer,
Grace and Cranky ate strawberries
With sticky fingers
And smiles
And leaned together against the crooked fence

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