Thursday, March 5, 2015

God talked to me...

God talked to me
and said

I would like to give you a present.
Name it, anything in the world

Material goods

Name it and it is yours!

I thought about it
and said

But Lord,
I have my friends

Anything more would be


And when God talked about me
to others

God said that I was much
than I look.


Ed Dingess said...

You are a liar. God never spoke to you. And you should try not being so full of yourself.

Dan Trabue said...

Ed, do you understand how poetry works? How using poetic license works?

No, Ed, I did not literally speak to God. It's a poem.

You are welcome to comment here, Ed, but I do ask that you actually engage in conversation, not merely utter attacks that only serve to embarrass yourself.