Sunday, July 29, 2012

Beady Excerpt: Whole World

As mentioned before, my kids are in a band together with two of their life-long friends. Last year, the signed a record contract with a local record producer (sonaBLAST! Records) and they recorded 12 songs in the Spring and it's been off being mastered and remastered, and now it's off being packaged. They're just a few weeks away from having the CD in hand.

Above, you can hear the first part of one of their new songs. You can hear a clip from another song on their website. I think they've done a great job and am looking forward to hearing/seeing the whole thing.

Beady, coming soon to a radio near you?

Love's an old song on the radio that I heard when I was a child
It's the sound of my mother playing piano in the parlor
And the notes, they all go wild, they just go wild...
And we sang sad songs to the softly setting sun
of nights we hardly remember
Of the old oak tree and all of their stories 
buried so deep beneath the earth...

~from "Hickory Desk"

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