Wednesday, April 28, 2010

LOST: The Comedy?

Oregon Zoo: polar bear
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I must admit that I missed last night's episode of Lost. Just forgot all about it. Dang.

I engaged John at Zeray Gazette in a bit of discussion about Lost in which I asked the question: WHAT IF the big surprise ending of this giant sci-fi mystery show, is that the show was actually a COMEDY this whole time?! And then, the producers can replay the whole thing WITH the laugh track intact and we'll all be amazed that we never saw it coming!

What do you think?

I have to say, it seems plausible to me. I know every time I try explaining the show to some non-believers, I feel like I'm doing stand up...

"And then, Jacob - who appears to be a Jesus-like figure (UNLESS that's just what the writers WANT us to

think and he's actually evil) - appears to Hurley (who may be crazy, or maybe he's actually seeing dead

people - but not communicate with them in the same way that Miles, the scientist/spiritualist who can read

the thoughts of the deceased...)


...appears to Hurley and warns him to NOT blow up the ship, the Black Rock, which crashed on the island 150

years ago and from which Richard (who never ages because of a conversation he had with Jacob)...


...was the only survivor because that's JUST what the Man in Black (who appears to be a devil character,

UNLESS that's JUST what the writers want us to think...)


... would want and we can't play into the Man in Black (also known as the Smoke Monster - because he has the

ability to turn into a cloud of smoke and chase people around and toss them willy nilly about...


... and who is currently inhabiting - APPARENTLY - the body of John Locke (no, not the philosopher, unless

that's what the writers are suggesting and this is all some cerebral Philosophy Class exercise about the

nature of good and evil...

[whimpering laughter]

...but then, what would that do to the suggestion that this is an acting out of the biblical story of Job,

or the story of Jesus?? Anyway, John Locke who USED to appear to be one of the very good guys (with "good

guys" being relative, as all of the characters in this show have serious character flaws, including being

unfaithful to their spouses, drug dealers and murderers...


...and... where was I?

[wait for it...]

Did I mention the polar bear in the jungle and the giant four-toed statue?

[Laughter and more laughter]


Doug said...

You'll be happy to know that last Tuesday there was no new episode of "Lost". You haven't missed anything. :)

Dan Trabue said...

Well, THAT'S some good news. Thanks.

revhipchick said...

LOVE it!

Alan said...

Yes, no new LOST this week. They're saving all the rest of the episodes for May sweeps.

Either that or the Dharma Initiative got the show canceled this week since President Obama will be speaking in Ann Arbor on Saturday and they didn't want any extra attention. :)

I like the comedy theory. My theory is that this is all a game, with different teams, players, rules, and levels. Now, who is actually playing the game, that's the question...

Marty said...

I haven't watched Lost in quite some time. I "lost" interest. My husband is still a big fan...records every show.

But my take on the whole weirdness of it all was that they were all dead and in hell.