Thursday, April 22, 2010

Donna and Dan - 7

Jordan with Hat
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Another post in the countdown to Dan and Donna's 25th anniversary this coming June, which I began back in December. It is my plan to post a story, remembrance and/or poem once a week for 25 weeks leading to the big date.

And so, after being married for six wonderful years and living in a small house full of fun and weird strangers, Donna and I decided to have a child. We debated names (Jackson was one that I liked at some point, I remember - we had a lot more boy names that we liked than girl names...) and carved out a small room for a nursery amidst the chaos in our house and finally, the blessed day came: May 30, 1991 - two days before our sixth anniversary.

Jordan Seth Trabue was born.

Jordan, after Clarence Jordan (although Clarence pronounced his last name Jerdan, I understand), co-founder of Koinonia Farms, a interracial farm established in Georgia in the 1940s!

Seth, after Donna's sweet daddy and softball coach, William Seth.

And our world was turned upside down. I wasn't writing poetry back in 1991, but later on soon after I started trying my hand at it, I wrote this...


Today I hold you,
warm on this winter day
and you fit in my arms,
in my life
You only want to be with me and do
something together.
Read a book and be in on the story together
Play a game and make the time ours,
make the world ours.
I understand you, know you, and between
you and me,
we can welcome life whatever.

There are things I don't understand -
Today I hold you,
warm on this winter day
and you fit in my arms,
in my life.


Purple Voter said...

Finally had a second to check out your blog after all the comments over at Susannah's. Very nice.

Dan Trabue said...

Thanks, and thanks for coming by.