Friday, March 10, 2006

Pear Tree Blossoming

Pear Tree Blossoming
Originally uploaded by paynehollow.

Spring has sprung!


Eleutheros said...

Is that an ornamental pear tree or an honest to gosh pear tree? Yikes but this would be early for a pear tree to blossom if one wanted the odds to be in favor of getting fruit.

I was just in the orchard today and the buds on the pear trees are tightly closed but swelling. I keep chanting "Late blossoms, early end to frost!"

Dan Trabue said...

The city of Louisville has a bunch of ornamental pears planted around downtown, this is one of them.

lené said...

Blossoms already? Wow. I've got 2 months before the first tree blossoms. Happy Spring.

TECH said...

Nice photo.