Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Old Family Photos: Gordon C. Trabue 1905-ish

Gordon C. Trabue 1905-ish
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This is my Dad's grandfather, who spent a brief time in Northern California. Gordon is the fourth fella from the left sitting atop the log (the one with playing cards sticking out of his pockets).

I have three brothers who live in Northern California in or relatively near Humboldt County and they've reason to believe that this photo might be in Humboldt County.

Some of the other photos from this set include pictures of an explosion at the log camp (from what, we don't know) and there's a known story about an explosion there in Humboldt at about the same time. Interesting twist, if true.


Nightcrawler said...

I love old photos!

Dan Trabue said...

Yeah, me too. My pastor has a great pic of her grandmother 'round the turn of the century wearing a period white dress and hat, holding a rifle with her foot atop an alligator's head.

Neo-Con Tastic said...

Cool pictures. It makes you realize how life lives on through generations. A family line goes through so much adversity, changes, and times. It really is fascinating.

Nightcrawler said...

They don't make many women like that anymore, do they? That's great!

Dan Trabue said...

Actually, I've heard that this was a common tourist photo op they had set up down in Florida at the time. She may not have actually been a Crocodile Hunter. pic.

Sylvia said...

Wow. I almost can't believe a tree ever grew that big, and I almost can't believe anyone had the temerity to bring it down. Have you ever seen The Big Trees, about the Quakers that try to protect giant sequoias?