Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I do most of my bicycling within the three mile radius where we live, work and play, which happens to be in downtown Louisville. But Monday, I biked out to the wealthier east end of town for a meeting along busy Brownsboro Rd.

With my extra-large STOP BUSH bumper sticker on the back of my bike, I'm used to motorists honking at me, mostly in support (progressive Louisville?), with a rare opponent. This was true on Monday's ride, as well. Three well-wishers honked and thumbs-upped their support my way.

Then, just after passing the golf club and the ritzy neighborhood next to it, a fella zipped past me in his bright and shiny Jaguar, turned into his bright and shiny neighborhood, honked and yelled, "LOSER!"

What could I say? He's right.

I wanted to holler back, "Yeah, I'm a loser. You're a loser. We're ALL losers thanks to this neocon takeover of a once free republic!" or perhaps, given his Jag and million dollar subdivision: "Oh, please don't be so stereotypical!"

But he is right, you know. He spent, what - $50,000 for his Jaguar? I spent $200 on my bicycle. He spent $1-2 million on his home. I spent a tenth of that on mine. So, yeah. I'm a loser. I lost a lotta debt, a ton of prestige and status, and perhaps a bit of speed.

When you're right, you're right.

So, here's to all us losers! God bless us, every one.


Sky Niangua said...

Hehehe! Yeah, this hermit in the woods is a loser with you too. *Raising my dixie cup to you* :o)

Voluntary simplicity, peace centered, earth loving, diversity respecting, frugal, self-responsible, truth telling, truly faith-filled and compassionate...

Yeah, those go against Bushite Ethics.

Glad to know you Loser!!!

lené said...

One more for the losers! I love it! I can't imagine what that guy would say to some of these Vermonters. We've got some pretty racy bumper stickers around here.

Vermonters for a Bush/Cheney Regime Change.

No Blood For Oil

The Only Bush I Trust is My Own

More Trees Less Bush

He's Not My President


Thanks for the laugh -- great story -- and for stopping by my blog so that I could find yours. Have a great day!

Deb said...

Proud loser here...and I see I'm in good company!