Friday, May 27, 2005


Let's stretch that in to a summer and the summer in to a season and the season in to a year...or at least a season. Let's bike, walk, explore this grand ol' world in person, how about it?

I have been out wandering
I have travelled far
And one conclusion I have made
Is God don't own a car

God don't wear no fancy clothes
God'd rather take the bus
God would pay a tourist fare
So God could sit with us!

St. Jimmy of Buffett

The automobile is self-necessitating. That is, because everyone has a car, a quarter of the land in the city is devoted to streets, freeways, parking lots, garages and filling stations, making the city so big that one needs a car to get around. Because everyone has a car, mass transit is inadequate, making the use of a car necessary. Because everyone has a car, the air is polluted, making it healthier to drive a car than to walk or bicycle. Because everyone has a car, riding a bicycle is a dangerous frightening experience.

From a thesis at the now-defunct


Sky Niangua said...

St. Jimmy of Buffett,
is he a LOSER too?


Dan Trabue said...

Obviously. And, by extension then, God, too.

I suspect a conspiracy of losers that goes right to the top!

Erich said...

Another benefit of bicycles: If you hit a dog with your bicycle the dog will not die...unless it's a really small dog and you're going fast.

A humble loser.

Sylvia said...

You might like The Acoustic Motorbike by Luka Bloom.

Kim said...

Blessed are the losers, for they shall inherit the earth...

From one "loser" to another, keep on losing! *grin*

Happy 3-day weekend!

Deb said...

It would appear we have a quorum of losers here! Let the revolution begin!

Off to work on my bike now. Do you have any advice about fixing derailleurs that won't move?