Sunday, April 3, 2005

The Lengthening Days

We travelled this weekend to Donna's parents' home in western Kentucky. The trees along the way were largely leafless, but budding with great promise.

The dogwoods, redbuds and other flowering trees have begun their annual show, though and made for a pleasant enough drive. We also saw a few redtailed hawks and redwinged blackbirds and our first cardinals of the spring.

Yesterday, Sarah, her twin cousins (who are her age) and I hiked along the stream that runs behind the farm at Granny and Papaw Helton's. Because the field has yet to be plowed or planted, it made for easier access to the stream than is the case for much of the year. Not knowing the name of the stream, we named it Adsano Creek, taking the first two letters of each of their names.

We also named Shiny Rock Beach, Trillium Hill, Snake Bend, The Not-So-Grand Canyon and the Trabelton Forest (after their last names), along with pretty much anything else that looked like it ought to have a name. Perhaps most importantly, we located a likely camping site for later in the year, when it's warmer and drier, although Sarah's aunt assures me that, while the twins may have made plans to camp during the light of day, they will likely have a change of heart come sunset on Camp Day.

We'll have to wait and see.

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