Monday, February 14, 2005

Blissful Valentines Day

Nearly 24 years ago, I met Donna Beth Helton, while playing volleyball at a Baptist Student Union retreat at Murray State University. She was wearing a T-shirt from her high school that listed all the dozen or so seniors that she graduated with at Carlisle County High School.

Coming from a much larger school and not knowing how else I might charm this beautiful young lady, I teased her about how small her graduating class was.

It was the collegial equivalent of dipping her ponytail in an inkwell, I suppose. We hit it off nonetheless.

Nearly 20 years ago, Donna and I were wed and I entered marital bliss, thankful that this fine western Kentucky lass found some redeeming value in my worthless hide.

Nearly 14 years ago, Jordan Seth Trabue was born, and I once again entered into my bliss. Who could have asked for more?

And yet, we received grace upon grace when, nearly nine years ago, Sarah Grace was born.

My family is my joy. My heart's desire. I have all that a rapidly aging fella could ever ask for and more and, for this, I am thankful beyond words.

Happy Valentines Day to my loved ones.

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