Friday, February 11, 2005

Angry Poetry

Do You Understand What I'm Saying?

I'm becoming increasingly hostile
towards my docile little television
and, as a pacifist, it concerns me so.

From disdain to hate, from hate to
venomous derision,
we used to be best friends, you know.

It is a thief and a damned liar
sent from hades’ coldest fires,
a curse to children and a blessing to none.

The great devourer of time,
to the brain - wormwood and maggot wine,
clouds with no water, investment with no return.

Defecation by committee,
desecration to the city,
allegation with no proof,
alliteration with no groove,
abomination to all concerned.

And if it were up to me
each and every set of TV
would be systematically collected
and entirely without mercy burned.

1 comment:

jholder said...

Amen. I banished mine three years ago, and have watched almost nothing since.