Friday, January 21, 2005

A time for anger...

For W and his spawn

Shame on your god

Your arm-breaker

Your life-taker

Your freemarket witch

Your sonofabitch


Damn your god!

Who preaches war

That corporate whore

That distorts scripture

So the rich can get richer

On the backs of the poor

Taking more and more and more...

Shame on your god

Your upside down

Vulgar, hideous clown

Your backwards, inside-out

Bloodthirsty boyscout


And shame on you

We had a perfectly good God

Prince of Peace

Making a feast

For ALL God's children

Black, white, straight, gay

Preparing the Way

Good God! We had a Good God

And you killed him

You religious,

You white washed tombs,

You serpents,

You blind guides,

You gnat-straining, camel-swallowing, hellspawn-making

Blind Fools

Shame on you

And shame on your god.

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