Thursday, January 27, 2005

A sassy grrrl's prayer

After a few warm winter days teasing us with an unlikely spring, the Cold has returned today. Ah well, it is still January, after all. After the wise words of Rick the other day, I thought I'd share some wisdom from my daughter, Sarah, from when she was a wee six-year-old, trying to avoid sleep by saying the longest prayer possible.

It was so impressive that Donna began writing it down (catching only about half of it). And it went something like this:

God make the butterflies fly with happiness on a pure,

clean earth and make the bright and

happy rainbow's feet dance with joy,

because we don't want any sad rainbows.

Help the people stop killing and

throwing trash on your clean earth, God.

We know you have lots of rules, God, but

they are rules for not hurting people but for helping them.

Don't let anyone go hungry, Oh No, God!

And those sick people should feel better and

those killers stop killing because they learn about you

and your good rules.

Because I know what's important, God, and

killing people is not important and

throwing trash on the ground? Not important, God!

We want our lakes and rivers and oceans to be clean

and flow happy.

And our clouds, God?

The white clouds?

We don't want them dirty and gray, even on sunny days,

well, that's just nasty!

We want white clouds in your sky, God.

And the animals, God, don't forget to help them,

because you know I love animals!


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