Sunday, April 9, 2017

Jesus Was a Madman

Jesus was a madman
wild-eyed and dangerous
hanging just at the margins
associating with the undesirables
and untouchables 
and unwanteds
'til one day
he just plain snapped

And the clearing of the temple?
That was a horror story,
animals screaming
people running and gunning
money rolling 'round the floor
and flying out the windows
and out the doors
dark and terrifying
hideous and horrible.

Here, there was a mild-mannered preacherman,
teaching,  preaching love and peace
siding with the least of these
til one day, geez Louise!
he just goes
in the temple of God
yelling, whipping,
calling down curses
upon the people
which is to say, 
upon the businessmen

They say he was possessed by demons
A secret servant of satan
Beelzebub's bud
Foaming-at-the-mouth mad

Right there in the Big City
Right under their noses
Right in their faces.

They gonna kill that man, for sure.

They gonna kill that man.

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