Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sharing an Excellent Post

I almost never do this, but I am sharing an excellent post from another blogger who has made some extremely salient points about the Trump candidacy. While I often disagree with Stan, over at Winging It, he is right on the money on this post.

Trump Card

Trump himself is, in my mind, not the problem. There are always crackpots out there and PT Barnum types (which is closer to what I think Trump is) and other loose cannons. That's life. So, it's not a problem to me that there is a Trump in the world. The problem is that he is receiving something like 20-40% of the GOP/conservative/evangelical vote in a race for the presidency.

So, while I appreciate GOP leaders stepping up and denouncing Trump, what it seems like needs to happen is for GOP leaders to step up and denounce the ~30% of their followers who support someone like him. Stan is in the right on this one. This is not a man to vote for.


Marshall Art said...

Trump's biggest flaw is that he isn't the PT Barnum Obama was. Everyone knows Trump is a showman. But look at all the idiots who were suckered by Obama! They actually thought the guy was intelligent! No one's done it quite like Barry. We'll not see his like again. If we're lucky.

Dan Trabue said...

Do you agree with Stan that this is not a person responsible, moral citizens can vote for?

Marshall Art said...

Oh no, Dan. I want another obvious fraud in the White House. Obama was just not enough. We need another.

Trump is a Democrat running as a Republican, so no, Dan. No responsible, moral citizen can vote for a Democrat.