Monday, January 11, 2016

Two Old Oaks

Two old oaks on Whitney Avenue
 that have been around for decades
 came down today and damn the symbolism.

I and my family have been tending my parents even more closely over the last month or so, as they both have had downturns in their health. The last month almost, we have been on 24/7 rotation caring for my Dad. He's not near death, so far as we can see, but he is just not doing well. But this post is not to mourn their decline, it is to celebrate their lives.

Dad taught me, over his lifetime and without ever teaching me directly, to be an artist in all I do. Not to try or hope to be an artist, maybe, one day. He has taught me to be an artist, here, now. I may be an imperfect artist... okay, certainly I am an imperfect artist, but I am an artist in my eye, in my observation, in my passion, in my creativity and passion. This is largely due to my father, who is still an artist in all he does. Thanks, Dad.

My mother has taught me a great deal about how to help people. I learned that early on from her. I remember once, when I was about 16 or 17, I brought home a homeless family who had asked for some help. Mom didn't blink. Fed them dinner and clucked over their children. And WHY had I brought home a homeless family in the first place? Because of my mother's undying love for everyone, especially those who are downtrodden and in need of a friend. In countless ways, every day of her servant life, she has poured out her life in grace and love in ways as practical as a homemade meal right here, right now, when needed. Thank you, Mom.

I love walks in the woods and all of outdoors - rain or sun, snow, blasting heat or hurricane winds - and this is because my parents shared with me that love of God's good creation. They taught me that God created all things and God created them "very good." They taught me that we are not to exploit of abuse this very good gift, but to honor it and the God that created it. To walk in nature lightly and with joy and love. I have an indescribable appreciation for woods, mountains, streams, forest paths, fallen leaves crunching beneath my feet... for all aspects of creation (except for mosquitoes) and it has been an incredible joy in my life. I can never thank you enough, Mom and Dad.

With love,


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