Friday, June 26, 2015

Amazing Grace


Marshal Art said...

Oh look! Another fake pretending he's a Christian!

Dan Trabue said...

Marshall, if you can't say something nice, say nothing at all.

So says my conservative sweet lovin' mother.

The man sang amazing grace at a funeral, do you have anything constructive to add?

Life is too short to be a jerk all the time. You only embarrass yourself.

Marshal Art said...

"Life is too short to be a jerk all the time."

Tell that to the president. He stokes racial divisiveness. His position on the 2nd Amendment puts innocent lives at risk. He's either a moral coward or has no moral compass at all. And he's a fake pretending to be a Christian. What's more, I mean all that in only the nicest possible manner.

Dan Trabue said...

Marshall, I've left these two comments here just to allow you to demonstrate bad behavior, but that's enough modeling.

This was a funeral. Our Christian president said some moving words about God's grace and the lovely Christian lives of these believers who were killed by hatred. Our Christian president then sang Amazing Grace and it was a moving moment, filled with grace and tenderness in a time of turmoil.

ON THE TOPIC, do you have anything to say about grace? Or are you just using this opportunity to tear down a man who you presume to know his salvation status, because I really have had enough of your off topic demonization.

Embrace grace, Marshall, and give up this hatred and arrogance. You ain't God, stop acting like it.

That is exactly the sort of thing that kills and is antithetical to the point of this post.

Dan Trabue said...

Marshall commented about off topic and unsupported opinions of his. It boils down to he really does not like this president and he thinks it's okay to use the opportunity of him singing amazing grace at a funeral to try to take a dump on a man he does not like. Feel free to do that on your blog, Marshall. I'm asking you to keep it on topic and you've modeled bad behavior enough here.

Dan Trabue said...

Marshall, this post is about

The great loss in Charleston.
The president singing Amazing Grace.

Do you have anything to say on topic?

This president - while light years better than the last one - has his many faults, but his faults, your opinions about him and his faith are NOT the point of the post. If you want to write about those topics, take it up on your blog. I'm asking you to have respect to not write off topic on my blog, especially in such a disrespectful manner about the events of a funeral.

Dan Trabue said...

Tell you what, Marshall, if you can find one place where I went to someone's blog and dumped on somebody during a funeral, I'll allow your attacks to be posted here. But I have not done that, it's class-less, tasteless, tacky and grace-less. You can blast funerals and funeral behavior at your blog, but not here.

I'm respectfully demanding that you accept the rules at my blog. You don't have to like it, you do have to accept it. Sorry.