Friday, April 17, 2015

Hunting Bigfoot with Jesus, 2

As I hiked back down from the mountain
in the center of the forest
in the middle of the night
I crossed paths with Jesus, again 

Long time, no see
I joked
And Jesus smiled like a saint 

So… Jesus,
I said tentatively, nervous as a squirrel

You’re really out here
In Search of Bigfoot
aren’t you? 

And, with a graceful grin upon his face
Jesus shook his head

Wouldn’t it be cool if he really existed?
Like this whole family of beasties that
Have never been discovered before
Were really out here?! 

Jesus was clearly enthused about the subject 

But I don’t understand
I said
You are the Omniscient God
Don’t you already know if Bigfoot exists? 

Jesus nodded 

It is true
Dear Dan
That I am the God who

I nodded, waiting 

Not Everything Can be Known. 

I said.

Sooo… maybe Bigfoot does exist?
I asked 

He said.

I sure hope so.

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