Tuesday, February 4, 2014

It Gets Better

wfpk_tree1c by paynehollow
wfpk_tree1c, a photo by paynehollow on Flickr.
I lovely and inspiring movie by someone who knows that it gets better...



Dan Trabue said...

Marshall left a comment which I've deleted. It began with...

"If you mean recovering from the temptation to take her own life, one could call this lovely and inspiring. No one, regardless of their motivations to do so, would be their selves any favors by taking their own life, and this struggle (I have known a few who succumbed as well as those who failed in the attempt and still live on), this internal debate is an awful thing that demands our compassion... if nothing else."

Unfortunately, from there, Marshall chose to engage in ad hom attacks on the person in the video and this is not the place for that. So, the rest of his comment is deleted.

Feel free to email me, Marshall, if you wish to discuss the deleted portion of your comment.

Dan Trabue said...


If you mean recovering from the temptation to take her own life, one could call this lovely and inspiring.

I mean that, and more. I mean that she had someone there to stop her from proceeding with her plan. I mean that she had loved ones who, like Jesus, could say, "Neither do I condemn you," and accept her where she was, love her for who she is. I mean that she found strength in her relationship with God and true friends and family to go on.

I find all of that inspiring and lovely. And just to be clear and save you writing unnecessarily, this is NOT the place to offer your opinions about anyone's behavior and their relationship with God. That would be your blog, if you wish to write about that, not here.

Marshall Art said...

You're a liar. If you find fault in my comments, have the courage to let them stand. If they are as you say, others will certainly join in and pile on. At least then, I could clarify my position, or have my error pointed out specifically. This, as I recall, is something you demand for yourself. How incredibly and typically hypocritical that you so routinely deny it for others.

As for you being a liar, I made no "ad hom" remarks of any kind.

What's more, if you let my comments stand, your posturing as one who feels justified in condescending would be less shallow, as others could see what put your panties in such a twist.

Dan Trabue said...

Marshall, I have proven over multiple years that I let your abusive, bullying remarks and ad hom attacks towards me stand for people to judge.

I will not, however, let you abuse those recovering from suicide attempts and the recently deceased. Those comments will not stand.

Some people prohibit "indecent" language on their blogs - meaning curse words. I won't allow indecent remarks about other people.

I'm just enforcing a bit of human decency and you'll just have to respect that.

Marshall Art said...

Telling the truth is never indecent. Stating reality is only hurtful to those who do not like the reality they must face.

But here's something that ISN'T truthful or reality: that I engage in bullying or abusive remarks or ad hom attacks. Ironically, saying as much about my comments is just that.

Dan Trabue said...

There's a difference between telling someone what you think is true and being rude. In my opinion.

Dan Trabue said...

One of those differences is that the non-rude person is able to offer "here's an opinion to think about" as opposed to "Here is the truth - learn from me or be doomed!"

Marshall Art said...

Said another way, you take the ungracious position that every comment in opposition to your favored stance is by definition rude and hateful, rather than take a truly gracious Christian position that assumes good intentions on the part of the commenter. That's hypocritical but quite common with you.

Dan Trabue said...


you take the ungracious position that every comment in opposition to your favored stance is by definition rude and hateful, rather than take a truly gracious Christian position that assumes good intentions on the part of the commenter

You are factually mistaken. I do not think that every comment in opposition to my stance is rude and hateful. Only the rude and hateful-sounding ones.

When someone shows up at a eulogy to make disparaging remarks about the deceased, I object NOT because they disagree with me but because what they are doing is hateful and rude. Have some decency.

If someone shows up at a testimony to overcoming the depression that almost led to a suicide - with a complete stranger whom you don't even know and whose sins (or lack thereof) you know NOTHING about and whose life you know NOTHING about - and decides to make unsubstantiated and ignorant comments about that persons lives and supposed sins, that is rude and hateful and completely ignorant.

I speak with plenty of people who disagree with me and do not think they are hateful or rude. It is only the hateful and rude-sounding comments - ones based in ignorance and coming at inappropriate times and places - that I object to.

Give up, Marshall. As my dear mother has always said: If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

Dan Trabue said...

I am not accepting commentary from delusional people who are commenting off topic or who are making up things about people that they do not know.

Dan Trabue said...

To be clear: The point of this post is celebrating the strength of God and loving friendship that can help someone get past/avoid/recover from suicidal thoughts. Constructive commentary on that topic is welcome.

Dan Trabue said...

No amount of brainless guessing and graceless accusations from a place of complete ignorance of this person's life will be allowed to be posted.

Marshall, you don't know me. You don't know this person in this post. You can't even tell the difference between reality and opinion. Your graceless and ignorant comments will not be allowed. Give it up.

I insist. My blog, my rules.

Dan Trabue said...

Tell you what, Marshall, I'll give you one chance to comment on this post. Here are the rules for this one:

1. You have to be respectful.
2. You have to acknowledge your opinions as opinions.
3. You have to begin with this statement:

"While I am entirely ignorant of this person, I know nothing about her life or choices, whether she is a good and decent person or not, what her relationship with God is like or what God thinks about Terrie (other than the obvious: That God LOVES Terrie and can say to her, 'Neither do I condemn you, go and sin no more...' - given ALL of that as a factual starting point, I'd like to note that in my opinion..."

And proceed from there, from that place of ignorance about her life, you can offer commentary that is your clearly acknowledged opinion about the topic of suicide recovery, if you'd like.

Or you can go away.

But nothing will be allowed from you on this post without your strict adherence to those rules. I will not allow abusive, ignorant comments.

Ball's in your court.

Dan Trabue said...

I'd ask my dear friends to pray for those who have such pain in their lives that they feel a need to lash out and attack complete strangers. While it can be annoying when people like that enter our lives, we should pity the type of people who troll websites and leave anonymous spam attacks.

Lord have mercy on them. Pray for grace in their lives.

Troll/attackers: You will not be allowed to comment here. The world is too mean already for more hatred and mean-spirited ignorance. Embrace grace, for your own sake.