Tuesday, September 10, 2013

A Strange Brand of Bragging....

Beady by paynehollow
Beady, a photo by paynehollow on Flickr.

So, last year, the band my kids are in (Beadyhad their first official album produced - Youngest Days... and that was exciting.

This year, one of the songs from their album is being used as part of an independent movie soundtrack. It sounds like a relatively small scale movie, but it has Shirley "Momma Partridge" Jones in the cast, which makes it pretty big in my eyes. That movie opens THIS (September 13th) weekend in limited theaters around the US.

The movie is called, "
A Strange Brand of Happy, and is self described as a "faith-friendly romantic comedy..." Looking at the trailer, it looks pretty fun and hopefully won't be too preachy (in that negative "preachy" way).

It's opening in Louisville and around the nation in theaters this Friday and we'll be there. Another neat thing, for us in this area, is that the soundtrack for the movie is populated with many local bands besides Beady. Way to go sonaBlast! Records!

Done bragging for now.


Marshal Art said...

Congrats to them and you.

Marshal Art said...

I was wondering, do you know how it came to be that your kid's music was considered for this project? Do you have any firm notion on how it will be used in the film? Just curious how this stuff works.

Dan Trabue said...

Thanks, Marshall.

To answer your question: The recording company that produced their CD (sonaBlast! Records) has, as one of their primary goals, the placing of songs on TV and in movies and other media. It's just what they try to do.

The guy that runs the company is, himself, an independent film producer and has used some of his bands in his own movies. I guess he just has some connections in the indie movie world and was apparently able to score with this producer.

We have NO idea of how any of the songs will be used in the movie. Beady has one song in it ("Whole World...") and we don't know if there'll be five seconds of background music at some point or the whole song being used in the credits or anything. We're just hoping it's on the screen long enough for us to recognize it!

Marshal Art said...

I've resisted commenting on Beady music due to poor sound quality on my computer. Aside from rap-style recordings, which I don't consider music in the least, I have a very wide range of tastes and enjoy music from likely every style one can commonly hear or come across in this country (which means I'm not terribly familiar with every possible genre around the world).

Regardless, I think it is absolutely awesome that anyone can achieve wide exposure for their art. And if someone can live by virtue of that wide appeal, all the better. May theirs spread satisfactorily.