Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!

Easter blessings from the tribe at Jeff St Baptist Community...

Not many years their rounds shall roll
Each moment brings it nigh
And all your glories stand revealed
To our admiring eye
You wheels of nature speed your course,
You mortal powers decay
Fast as you bring the night of death
You bring eternal day

~from "Florence," by Crooked Still


John Farrier said...

And happy Easter to you, too, Dan.

10cities10years said...

Hey Dan, I wanted to say that the discussion you're in on Right Libertarian's page is a good one. I wish I could comment, but he has blocked me from posting anymore comments on the page, even though the original post is about my post.
I've continued debating this matter some on Neil's page (because he also referenced my original post on his blog).
I am not a Christian (former) so I have no delusion that we'd agree on all matters, but I respect what you're saying on the page and I wish I could jump in to show support.

Dan Trabue said...

Thanks, John.

10cities... Thanks for stopping by. It IS an interesting phenomenon, these right-ish religious types deciding so consistently to ban/moderate their blogs. I find it pretty off-putting that they'll talk about you but not allow you to clarify or defend yourself.

Someone ought to study that phenomenon to see what it might reveal.

You're welcome here, agree or not and, again, I appreciate the support on the point. I'd support you over at Neil's except that HE'S banned me!

C'est la vie.

Dan Trabue said...

I find your blog conceit (writing about living in a different city each year for ten years) and life interesting. I'll have to read more as I get opportunity.

I hope at the end of it all, you have a chance to settle down and enjoy, although that might just be my bias towards community coming through...

My son's down in Murfreesboro going to college right now. He plays in a string band that plays every once in a while in Nashville. Keep an eye out for Beady, if string band music is something you might enjoy.

They'll be at The Jam on June 17 and Ugly Mugs June 18.



Proud Father

10cities10years said...

Actually, it looks like Neil has essentially banned me, too. Or, at least, he's deleting my comments. So, I must be doing something right.

Thanks for checking out the blog. I write on a variety of topics (and have learned over the years to use less inflammatory language), so feel free to comment on anything that interests you. I love traveling and I imagine I'll be doing it all my life. But, I foresee finally settling on a home base in NYC when I'm done with the 10 Cities.

I'm a big fan of folk music actually, so if I get the opportunity I'd be up for checking out Beady. I like the songs on their site. I work with quite a few musicians and enjoy the opportunity to see them play live, intimate shows. That definitely is a perk of Nashville.