Friday, September 18, 2009

Joke of the Day

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Ironic humor is ruling this month.

You all are familiar, I'm sure, with Jimmy Carter's comments about the vitriolic level of dissent in the health care debate (Carter suggested NOT that most Americans were racists, but rather suggested that the level of bile and anger in this "debate" is at least partially due to racism - a point that would be as hard to prove as it would be to disprove, it seems to me, but not entirely without merit).

What you may have missed was that Elliot Abrams last week criticized Carter for some of his recent comments about the Middle East peace process.

The ironic humor in this criticism is that this is the SAME Elliot Abrams who defended so much terrorism in Latin America in the 1980s. Abrams was Reagan's man in El Salvador, suggesting that no terroristic behavior was happening by the US-supported Salvadoran army, when that was simply not the fact.

Later, Abrams played a role in the Iran-Contra scandal, in which the Reagan administration provided support for the Contra terrorists in Nicaragua. Abrams was convicted for a relatively minor charge of lying to Congress and promptly pardoned by Bush I. Later, this SAME Abrams was chosen by Bush II to promote Democracy!

woo hoo, ha, ha, sniff, sniff, bawl...

THIS Abrams now is criticizing Carter, suggesting Carter is siding with the terrorists in Palestine. Well, I guess he would know a bit about siding with terrorists.

[More about Abrams can be found here

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John said...

He may not have been talking about most Americans, but Carter was definitely asserting that Wilson's outburst was of racist origin. That's a nasty accusation to make against someone without any grounds. And his suggestion that racism is a prominent factor in Obama's health care opponents is likewise slanderous.