Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Red Mountain Flower

Red Mountain Flower
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"It's beautiful the Summer month of June
When all of God's own wildflowers are in bloom
And sun shines brightly most part of the day
And butterflies o'er lush green meadows play.

Light hearted skylark songster of the wing
High o'er the quiet and lonely moorland sing
Above her nest cloaked by the tangled heath
Her charming song so exquisitely sweet.

So mellow the gentle breath of june day breeze
The birds rejoicing on the leafy trees
And dappled trout in pool bed of the stream
Bask in the sun their spotted skins agleam."

~Francis Duggan, June


Dan Trabue said...

Anyone know what this wildflower is?

Alan said...

With those long stamens it looks like an azalea.

Several, including the Cumberland variety are, I believe, native to your area.


Dan Trabue said...

Thanks, Alan. It pays to have smart friends...

I was in the Cumberland Gap region of Kentucky, if that helps. There was such a wide variety at that link that the best I could say is, Maybe.

Dan Trabue said...

Oh, I just saw the Cumberland Azalea and that sure looks like it to me.

Alan said...

Unfortunately there is not (at least not that I could find) a good free dichotomous key to shrubbery (Bring me a shrubbery!!) online, so that was the best I could find, but the flowers and leaves do look similar.

Though I took my botany classes sometime during the last millennium so what do I know? :)