Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Blue Flower

Blue Flower
Originally uploaded by paynehollow.

Help me out, you botanists, out there. What do we have here (beyond, "a blue flower")?


madcapmum said...

Looks like a scilla, and my guess would be Siberian Spring Beauty.

GP said...

Please allow me to briefly interrupt the floral discussion (I really have no idea what that blue flower is) to say I read the "Sandprints" poem you posted on another site and haven't stopped laughing yet.

Whew. Thanks for the levity.

--Oh and it is a beautiful flower. Where might it be found?


Dan Trabue said...

Thanks, Miss MC. Sounds like a reasonable guess...but what do I know?

gp, welcome to Payne Hollow. You'll need to know that I didn't write the aforementioned poem, but it is a fine one - especially if you know the Footprints in the Sand original. Glad you liked it...maybe I'll post it here for fun.

And the flowers might be found every year at a local high school field.

GP said...

I sent the poem to my pastor, who I think will get a kick out of it. I've heard him on several occasions say people have asked him where the original "sandprints" story can be found in the Bible. :-)