Friday, February 24, 2006

Conservatives against Conservation

A letter writ in anger to our newspaper today:

Here in Kentucky, a bill just passed out of committee and may be voted upon soon that will require that air pollution control district rules and regulations be no more stringent than state or federal regulations.

What this means is that if Louisvillians decide they want their air to have less toxins in it than is currently allowed by federal or state law, we can’t. We don’t have the option of passing legislation or rules that require cleaner air.

This legislation is coming from the conservative Republican senator Dan Seum.

I thought one of the ideals of conservatism was the notion of local autonomy – that individual and individual communities can set their own course of action. I thought conservatives were opposed to rules handed down from the federal or state level.

I thought conservatives were for personal responsibility.

Apparently, I thought wrong.

Shame on Seum and his supporters for trying to block democracy and the will of the people! We must stand up against this as the wrong that it is (and make no mistake – taking away local power is a great wrong).

Conservatives are right –in philosophy if not practice – that local autonomy is critical. Don’t let Seum take away our voice or choice of cleaner air!


Dave said...

Hi Dan,
Careful of the labels. Conservative or liberal. The politicians and most people will not stick to yr notions of them.

Most liberals think I am conservative. Most conservatives think I am a flaming liberal.

Would a conservative run up the national debt? WOuld a liberal balance the budget? Well thats what happened over the last two administrations. Would a liberal be for free trade? Clinton. Would a conservative be for clean air act? Bush senior.

And then there are the compassionate conservatives. Don't get me started.

I tend to look for:
1)fiscal responsability Not low taxes or high taxes but pay as you go unless it is real investment.
2)maintain the social contract, if we loose it the second amendment will get lots of air time.
3) transparancy, no secrets. shine a light on all activity.

Dan Trabue said...

I can agree with your three guideposts above, although we may well disagree on what they mean.

On the label issue - it is our self-defined conservatives I'm calling on the carpet for not living up to conservative values. I well realize the limitations of labels and am working on remembering that. Thanks for the reminder, Dave.

Nightcrawler said...

Ironically, I agree with you on this issue. I think that local governments (and the people who elect them) have the right to send business elsewhere. I am glad to find an issue where we share some common ground.

Hamel said...

I agree with Dave about the labels. They do more harm than good, and are used more out of convenience. But you've heard me preach this elsewhere.