Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Still on jury duty least for a few more days. It's interesting work. I was a bit put off with some of my fellow jurors who were complaining about it being a waste of time to sit around waiting for them to decide if they need us or not. Hey! That's just the way it works.

On the other hand, I've been impressed with the people that I've served with on the one trial I've been on. While I suspect that we might disagree on many points, philosophically, politically and otherwise, when it came right down to the evidence, we were all able to agree generally on what was right and wrong.

Additionally, everyone has been on time and ready to work every day, and I think that's saying something.

More to come...


ricklibrarian said...


I was chosen to be on a jury twice and found it a very interesting experience in citizenship. It was sad seeing all the prospective jurors talked their way out of serving. I commend you serving.

I responded to your compliment on yesterday's entry. Thanks.


ricklibrarian said...

I don't see a way to correct the grammar error in sentence two of what I just posted. I guess there is no edit feature for comments. I should proof better.